We rely on volunteers to make this happen! If you haven’t volunteered with Breakthrough before, no problem - please fill out this volunteer application and then proceed to sign up.

Please sign up for the coaching slots you plan to attend here:

Sign up to coach in the spring

Coaches should read through each of these docs:

Challenge letter:

You can read through the challenge letter from last year:


These are the exact rubrics that the judges will use to evaluate our team in competition. While students should obviously read these as well, the coaches need to really understand the rubrics so that we can best guide students to focus on the right areas.

FLL Tutorials Coach’s Corner:

The FLL Tutorials website is created by the Seshan Brothers, also the authors of EV3Lessons.com and a phenomenal resource. Check out the Coach’s Corner and read about how to teach programming, project, and core values as well as sample exercises, organization techniques, etc.

Techbrick Resources

More resources are available at the Techbrick Into Orbit Resources site.